Abraham Bowman Oak Series: French Oak
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The Abraham Bowman Oak Series: French Oak is a remarkable display of meticulous craftsmanship and intricate complexity.

Abraham Bowman Oak Series: French Oak

Abraham Bowman Oak Series: A New Standard in Whisky Craftsmanship Introduction

The Abraham Bowman Oak Series: French Oak is proof of the creative energy of A. Smith Bowman Distillery. Part of the esteemed wood Series, this outstanding whisky is a brilliant investigation of the influence of French wood on great spirits. The Abraham Bowman Oak Series: French Oak, which was aged for 12 years from a renowned mash bill, demonstrates the distillery’s dedication to quality and creativity in whisky production.

Building the French Oak Edition

The Abraham Bowman Oak Series: French Oak required a complex maturing process in both charred and non-charred French Oak barrels. This technique was painstakingly designed to bring out the inherent qualities of the whisky and create a distinctive flavour profile that is exclusive to the Oak Series.

Vision of Head Distiller

The long aging of this series has been much aided by the distinguished Head Distiller, David Bock. His method was to highlight the unique characteristics of the French Oak, letting the whisky and the wood’s minute nuances to meld together harmoniously and complexly.

Experience Tasting: An In-Detail Investigation

Colour: The whiskey’s delicate caramel colour invites the connoisseur to explore its rich contents, evoking the sophisticated sheen of just printed money.
Nose: The rich stage for the tasting experience is created by the seductive notes of cherry and caramel.
Palate: The skillful mixing is evident as soon as one sips the rich sweet vanilla essence from the non-charred barrels melds with a zesty hint of spice from the charred wood.
Finish: Crisp cinnamon apple leaves a wonderful impression that begs for another taste as the experience comes to a cool and lasting finish.
Bottled Brilliance at 100 Proof

Bottled at 100 proof (50%) ABV, the Abraham Bowman French Oak is accessible and strong, combining intensity with the silky subtleties that characterize well made whisky.

The Special Character of French Oak Aging

A very rich, less aggressive oak flavour is imparted by maturing French oak rather than standard American oak. The complex, layered flavours that define this unique release are largely the result of this decision, which also highlights Bowman Distillery’s cutting-edge maturing processes.

Tips for Enjoyment: The Finest Approaches to Savour

Enjoyed neat or with a little splash of water, the Abraham Bowman Oak Series: French Oak is most appreciated for its depth. With this method, the finer points of the flavour profile that the distillers desired are expressed pure.

Foodies Make the Best Pairings

Rich sweets like dark chocolate torte and a traditional crème brûlée go really well with this whisky because of its vanilla and caramel undertones. Savoury pairings include smoked blue cheese, which will play nicely with the sweet and spicy notes of the whisky.

Effortless Collection and Gift Appeal

A collector’s dream and the ideal present for whisky lovers, the Abraham Bowman Oak Series: French Oak has a distinctive profile and is limited in supply. Any great spirits collection would benefit from its unique approach to age and flavour richness.

A Turning Point in Whisky Innovation

The Abraham Bowman Oak Series: French Oak celebrates the craft of distillation and maturation more than it does whisky. It offers a refined, well-balanced, and very fulfilling experience and is a triumphant attempt to push the limits of traditional whisky manufacturing. The commitment of A. Smith Bowman Distillery to creating unique spirits that delight and inspire is proudly continued with this whisky, which pays a real tribute to Abraham Bowman’s legacy. The French Oak edition is the height of distilling skill, to be experienced alone or with other connoisseurs. It promises to add bold character and refined refinement to the whisky scene.

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