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RJ Scaringe’s Vision: Driving Rivian’s EV Revolution Towards Mass Adoption

In a bold move aimed at revolutionizing the automotive industry, RJ Scaringe, the visionary CEO of Rivian, is spearheading the company’s ambitious journey into the electric vehicle (EV) mass market. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and sustainability, Scaringe is leading Rivian’s charge towards reshaping transportation paradigms and accelerating the […]


Heaven Hill Select Stock Malt Whiskey Finished in Mezcal Barrels: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Heaven Hill Distillery, renowned for its exceptional spirits, has once again pushed the boundaries of whiskey-making with its latest offering: the Heaven Hill Select Stock Malt Whiskey Finished in Mezcal Barrels. Bottled on 10/20/2023, this extraordinary spirit represents a bold fusion of traditional malt whiskey craftsmanship and innovative barrel finishing […]


Three Feathers Bottled in Bond Bourbon

Three Feathers Bottled in Bond Bourbon, a name steeped in history and tradition, has been resurrected to delight the palates of modern whiskey aficionados. With roots tracing back to 1812, this luxurious rye whiskey has evolved through the ages, transforming from a bonded whiskey to a blended whiskey, and now […]