Blackeye Gin By Mike Tindall and James Haskell
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Blackeye Gin: A Gin Inspired by the Spirit of Rugby

Blackeye Gin By Mike Tindall and James Haskell

Blackeye Gin: The Game Changer

Former rugby players Mike Tindall and James Haskell developed Blackeye Gin as a tribute to the passion and friendship that characterise the game. Using botanicals from all of the main rugby countries, this premium gin is a winning blend of tastes that perfectly reflect the spirit of the game and the international community it stands for. Proof of this effort is the gin’s award-winning formulation, which combines crisp juniper and unusual botanical components with soft citrus notes. Because Tindall and Haskell both love rugby and good spirits, their creation is best savoured neat or carefully blended.

Developing the Winning Recipe: A National Combination

Carefully chosen botanicals from different rugby countries begin the process of making Blackeye Gin. This combines unusual plants to create interest with traditional London Dry components like juniper and citrus peels. A sophisticated, layered gin that honours the contributions of each country while adhering to the contemporary classic gin profile is the outcome.

Notes for Tasting: An Expertly Guided Flavour Adventure

First impressions of Blackeye Gin are of a contemporary classic with notes of freshly squeezed lemon and woodland pine, or robust juniper. Tangerine zest and orange sweetness balance this vivid citrusy scent.

Palate: This gin excels most on the palate. Starts with candied lemon and traditional juniper, then delicious sarsaparilla and luscious orange. A dash of sea salt and a whiff of fennel finish off the taste adventure.
Soft, velvety, and full-bodied, the mouthfeel draws you in right away.

Finish: Fresh menthol, sweet liquorice, lemon verbena and fragrant palma violets all leave a lovely lingering finish.

An Unusual Botanical Combination The Rugby Link

Blackeye Gin is distinguished by its unusual combination of botanicals from different rugby countries. This provides the spirit a unique profile that combines global influences with classic gin tastes. Claimedly exclusive to Blackeye Gin, a hidden ingredient enhances its allure and distinguishes it from other gins available.

Pairing Advice: Boosting the Action

Because blackeye gin is so adaptable, it’s great drunk straight or mixed into cocktails. Rich and complex flavour profile shows when served neat. A garnish of orange is advised for a traditional gin and tonic to enhance its citrus-forward character and reveal new flavour depths. Mixologists can also create creative cocktails by experimenting with botanically complimentary elements like herbs, citrus fruits, or spices.

Working Together: The Backstage Experience

Working together to create Blackeye Gin, Tindall and Haskell are demonstrating their same principles of quality, commitment, and teamwork. Every batch is meticulously made to guarantee uniformity and high calibre in every bottle. Their cooperation proves that the rugby spirit can be easily transferred into the development of a spirit with personality and direction.

Tradition and Legacy: A Nationally Recognised Recipe

Building on a formula that has won awards, Blackeye Gin pays homage to the history and customs of gin making. The makers wanted to provide a premium, approachable gin that people might enjoy with friends, family, and coworkers, which is why the bottle size is 70cl and the alcohol content is 40%. Anybody who enjoys subtle and well made spirits should try this gin because of its combination of citrus-forward and flowery flavours with overtones of juniper and pepper.

Finally, a Memorial to Passion

Blackeye Gin ultimately shines out as a monument to the enthusiasm and friendship that characterize rugby and the craft of gin making. It is a monument to Tindall and Haskell’s commitment to their trade and reflects the spirit of collaboration, variety, and quality. Like the sport it is modelled after, this gin is best enjoyed with celebrations, talks, and victory toasts. Blackeye Gin has a smooth, unique taste profile that will appeal to gin lovers of all stripes. Thank you!

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