Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon
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Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon: An Opportunistic Legend

Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon

Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon: John E. Fitzgerald’s Legacy

American whisky heritage is the foundation of Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon. Motivated by the legendary U.S. Treasury agent John E. Fitzgerald, who had a talent for trying only the best barrels, this carefully chosen bourbon honours both his heritage and the recognizable Old Fitzgerald brand. Each batch of this silky Kentucky whisky, bottle uncut at 92 percent and without chill filtering, is a tribute to the customs and inventions that made American bourbon a spirit that is beloved by connoisseurs.

The Account of John E. Fitzgerald: An Opportunistic Legend

The bourbon lore legend surrounding John E. Fitzgerald is derived from his special role as a Treasury agent in charge of protecting the rickhouse keys. His reputation for choosing and sampling the best bourbons—leaving only the weaker ones for others—was built on his unrestricted access to the best barrels. Enjoy bourbon the way Fitzgerald did with the Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon release, which offers a flavour that captures his sophisticated taste and respect for excellence.

Hand-Selected Excellence in Barrel Selection

Hand-selected barrels for Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon guarantee that only the best enter the finished product. Barrels that perfectly capture the rich, flavorful, smooth qualities of the Old Fitzgerald heritage are carefully chosen. This uncut and unfiltered bourbon preserves the spirit of the original distilling process and lets the intricate flavours come through.

92 Proof Bottled Uncut and Unfiltered

Bottled uncut at 92 proof without chill filtering, Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon delivers a robust yet silky spirit that keeps the depth and complexity of the barrel. This method guarantees the bourbon keeps its whole flavour profile, providing a genuine and pure tasting experience. Every sip reveals subtle layers of a bold spirit that respects traditional workmanship.

Smooth and sophisticated, The tasting notes:

Nose: There’s a little vanilla and toasted oak mixed with warm caramel at first. This bourbon begins sweetly with lingering aromas of dried fruit and honey.

Taste: The bourbon is smooth and full-bodied on the palate, with vanilla, brown sugar, and caramel taking front stage. Toasted oak, baking spices and dried cherries emerge as the flavours meld together to provide depth and complexity.

Finish: Dark chocolate, roasted wood and cinnamon linger in the lengthy and pleasant finish. One is left with a warm, spicy aftertaste.

A Kentucky Legacy: Paying Tribute to Fitzgerald the Elder

Honouring the tradition of Old Fitzgerald, a name linked to Kentucky whisky greatness, is Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon. While providing a special, single-barrel experience that lets enthusiasts discover the subtleties of each well chosen barrel, the spirit symbolizes the customs that have shaped the brand. This bourbon is an homage to Kentucky’s rich distillation history as much as a beverage.

Pairing Advice: Optimising the Experience

When Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon is paired with the proper cuisine, the tasting experience is enhanced:

Cheese & Charcuterie: The sweet and spicy flavours of the bourbon are brought to life by aged cheeses, nuts and cured meats.

Desserts: Pecan pie, bread pudding or dark chocolate truffles go well with caramel, vanilla and toasted wood.

Grilled Meats: The bourbon’s toasted oak and mellow caramel flavours pair well with grilled pork chops, ribs, or smoked duck.

The Benefit of Single Barrel: An Unmatched Taste Experience

Because Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon is unfiltered and uncut, whisky lovers can investigate the special qualities of every barrel. Every batch invites you to explore the unique tones and complexity that surface with a unique flavour experience. Every bottle offers a special tasting experience worth sharing because of this dedication to quality and authenticity.

Finish: Toast Fitzgerald’s Legacy

John E. Fitzgerald had an opportunistic palate, and Larceny Private Single Barrel Straight Bourbon pays a strong and unvarnished homage to his legacy. With its well chosen barrels, 92 proof uncut bottling, and complex flavours, this bourbon is a sophisticated homage to Kentucky’s distilling history. Toast Fitzgerald and his legacy, then savour the flavour of this remarkable spirit that honours the artistry of whisky making.

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