Old Elk High Malt Straight Bourbon
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Old Elk High Malt Straight Bourbon: Amazing Tradition Transcended

Old Elk High Malt Straight Bourbon

Old Elk High Malt Straight Bourbon: An Exciting New Path for Bourbon

A mash bill that reinvents bourbon flavour challenges conventional wisdom in Old Elk High Malt Straight Bourbon. This innovative spirit was the first one Master Distiller Greg Metze created especially for Old Elk. Using decades of expertise, Metze used more than four times the malted barley used in traditional formulas to produce a bourbon with a very rich, velvety taste. Harvested at the height of flavour, each little batch produces a drinking experience rich with dark maple, chocolate, vanilla, and a lingering spice that makes an impression.

Creating a New Tradition: Greg Metze’s Vision

Old Elk’s bourbon-making process was revolutionized when Master Distiller Greg Metze introduced his wealth of experience. Through his creative use of malted barley, he reinvents the traditional flavour profile and gives every drink more depth and complexity. With this method, bourbon is produced that surpasses expectations and has a nuanced flavour that is unique among its contemporaries. Because Metze values innovation and quality, each batch is made with unmatched attention to detail.

Superior High Malt Mash Bill

Old Elk High Malt Straight Bourbon has a distinctive flavour because to an unusual mash bill that includes a large amount of malted barley. Added more generously than in conventional bourbon, this component adds to a unique flavour profile:

A nutty sweetness and richness from malted barley counterbalance the other grains.

Corn: Gives a smooth, accessible foundation the required sweetness.

Rye: Gives a little spiciness to the bourbon to balance the malted barley.

Full-bodied and sophisticated, this blend produces a bourbon with layers of flavour that change with every drink.

Perfecting the Flavour of Barrel Aging

Perfect aging and selection go into every barrel of Old Elk High Malt Straight Bourbon. Because the barrels are picked at the height of their flavour potential, only the best make it into the finished blend. The whisky gains depth that can only be achieved by time spent in the barrel by the aging process, which also helps it to become smoother and accentuate its rich, strong flavours.

Notes on Tasting: A Flavour Odyssey

Nose: Dark maple, chocolate, and caramel are among the first alluring scents. Warmth from vanilla and toasted wood promises a full palate.

Taste: There are layers of dark maple, cocoa, and caramel in this full-bodied, silky bourbon. A sweet nutty character from the high malt level melds perfectly with the residual rye spiciness.

Finish: Toasty wood, baking spices, and vanilla all abound in this lengthy and gratifying finish. There’s a lasting warmth that makes an impression.

Pairing Advice: Optimising the Experience

Adaptable and excellent with a variety of foods is Old Elk High Malt Straight Bourbon:

Cheese & Charcuterie: Rich maple and vanilla aromas in the bourbon are enhanced by aged cheeses, cured meats, and dried fruit.

Desserts: Dark chocolate truffles, pecan pie or crème brûlée are enhanced by the caramel and cocoa flavours.

Grilled & Smoked Meats: The full-bodied sweetness and spice of bourbon go superbly with grilled steaks, pork belly, or smoked duck.

Legacy of the Master Distiller: Innovation and Tradition

Old Elk High Malt Straight Bourbon has Greg Metze’s heritage ingrained in every sip. His creative use of a high malt percentage results in a bourbon that adds a new flavour depth while also honouring traditional workmanship. Experienced connoisseurs and novices alike will appreciate the intricacy of this whisky, which respects history while pushing the envelope of what bourbon can do.

Finally, Raise a Glass to Old Elk’s Vision

Old Elk High Malt Straight Bourbon is evidence of Greg Metze’s goal of going beyond custom. This bourbon represents a special fusion of creativity and tradition with its particular mash bill, well chosen barrels, and creative maturing procedure. Rich and silky spirit that enthralls the taste and makes an imprint lasts is revealed in every sip. Raise a glass to the audacious voyage that started with a high malt mash bill and goes on in each well made bottle.

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