Raconteur Rye
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Raconteur Rye: A Creative Narrative of Craftsmanship and Flavor

Raconteur Rye

Introduction: Blending with Passion

A whisky lover’s fantasy, Raconteur Rye is a mix painstakingly created by spirits writer and enthusiast David Jennings, who is enthralled with the unique qualities of 95/5 rye whisky. His adventure started ten years ago when he became enamoured with the divisive 95% rye and 5% malted barley mash bill. He has been captivated with the zero-corn flavour profile ever since his first taste in 2014. Jennings became obsessed with learning about every facet of this unique whisky blend from that point on, which finally resulted in the development of Raconteur Rye.

Making a Speciality Blend: The 95/5 Rye Story

Over time, Jennings sought out a variety of 95/5 rye whiskies, all distilled in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, and bottled by American companies. As the whisky industry expanded, age-stated expressions became harder to come by and some changed or stopped making them. But 95/5 rye became more and more popular, which encouraged Jennings to keep researching the combination.

His labour of love produced Raconteur Rye, a deft blend of three 95/5 rye whiskies distilled in Indiana. There’s a traditional straight rye, a straight rye matured in a brand-new toasted oak barrel, and a straight rye finished in a second-fill Mizunara oak cask that housed Kentucky Straight Bourbon that was 16 years old. To highlight its individual qualities, each whisky is matured for a minimum of seven years and then batched in a proprietary ratio.

Aging and Selection: Simplifying Excellence

The unique flavour of Raconteur Rye is mostly developed by the maturing process. To highlight the subtleties in the rye and barley mash mix, each of the three straight ryes is matured in oak barrels. Rich spice from the new toasted oak barrel and a faint sweetness from the prior bourbon aging are imparted by the second-fill Mizunara oak cask. These barrels together yield a complex whisky blend that harmonizes the finest qualities of each barrel.

Tasting Notes: Revealing the Story

Nose: Fruit gum, cranberry, lemon zest, spice drops, blood orange, and strawberry icing all greet the nose. An underlying spice that begs investigation tempers the first sugar rush.
Taste: The palate gives bright oak, dried citrus, blackberry jam and toast, and savoury fruit punch. Flavour layers that build upon one another in every drink tell a complicated story.
Long in the finish, it has notes of licorice and cloves together with delicious toasted wood and smouldering red grapefruit. Warm and contenting, the lingering tastes entice you to take another drink.
One of a Kind: A Treasure for Collectors

Whisky lovers will find Raconteur Rye to be a limited edition gem, with just 520 bottles produced. Because of the love and attention Jennings put into this blend, every bottle maintains its quality and complexity. Bold yet accessible, it is 60.24% ABV (120.48 proof) and ideal for people who value character in their whisky.

Suggestions for Serving and Matching

Raconteur Rye works well in cocktails as well as neat or on the rocks. Naked, the flavours develop gradually, exposing every level of intricacy. To bring out the fruity undertones, drink it over ice with a squeeze of lemon. Because its wood and spice flavours can stand up to other components, it also shines in traditional cocktails like an Old Fashioned or Manhattan.

Honouring Craftsmanship

Raconteur Rye is proof positive of Jennings’ love of whisky and his commitment to crafting a blend with a narrative. It is a story of skill, discovery, and respect for the trade of making whisky, not just a spirit. Whisky enthusiasts will treasure the unique taste experience he has created by combining these three different ryes, which balances the subtleties of each barrel.

Raconteur Rye, Raise a Glass in Closure

With a mix that is both classic and cutting edge, Raconteur Rye captures the best of 95/5 rye whisky. Rich in flavour and depth, it is a whisky made by the fusion of fruity sweetness, strong spice, and brilliant oak. Raconteur Rye is a special voyage that honours the heritage of American whiskey-making, regardless of your level of experience with the spirit. Raise a glass, appreciate its complexities, and engage in responsible enjoyment of this unique manifestation. To each other!

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